Mon. May 29th, 2023

Hello folks, I think you people are doing great. Nowadays we all know we can’t go outside for studies or jobs specially students because of this pandemic, so I am here to talk about online distance learning which is possible because of web application. Our first motive. should be, to provide education in online.

what is web application?

web application can be defined as application that can be operated or used through the internet using the web browser.

First of all MAKE A WEBSITE Because in this website you can give your details about courses, online class timing etc. Then CREATE AN APP in that app put videos of different class its your choice that you are providing. online classes to 9th to 12th or 6th to 12th so as per divide your videos and in that app also include a calendar because in that can students can easily understand which date they have to study which topic and other days like holidays etc. Next is to IMPROVE YOUR WEBSITE AND APP So that every students can easily use the website or app. The app or website should be mobile friendly too, and also payment of fees and other details should be easily usable to students in the app or website. Next point is very important YOU SHOULD HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE Because Interactions with students is important because for your app growth their feedback is important, so be active in social media. next CONTENT MAKING it is the key to attract students in your website, the point is the information you present or show in the website page should be different from your competitors like saying why should they have to join your app and your teaching methods and clearing doubts etc.

Next HAVE A GREAT TARGET, also there are many competitors so your website or app should give advice about career and relevant information to the students other than chapters also to stay connected with students, don’t forget it is online platform so you can admit many students so use this opportunity wisely. Then CREATE RELEVANT CONTENT The point is blog. because blogging about your. website can be useful for the many students to learn about your website.

Next is IMPROVE RESPONDING, because whenever a new student arrives, he or she may be have many doubts so always take care of this point by using chat box or contact options available in your website. CREATE A FAQ, the point of creating it because if we collect similar question asked by students, we can put it in website page so that with entering they can understand if they have any query. Next point is OFFER FEW COURSES FREE, okay in my point of view someone is providing education for free is respectable thing and one more thing it attracts students. last point is SOCIAL PROOF AND ACCREDITATION, Now let me tell you first what is accreditation it is nothing but granting credit or official recognition. Giving information. about Accreditation to students in website is important because students still wary about online degrees and value of that, by telling information about. accreditation we can easily win the trust of students in an online institute. Lastly, follow these points to promote your online distance learning.

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  1. I honestly did not think this situation that way. I feel that there is a point in this. Happy to be able to play a part. Wish you luck.

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