Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Hello readers, Today am here to talk about how an attractive logo is beneficial for branding.

It is identifying name or mark of the company. Example nestle is the brand and Cadbury is also a brand etc.

what is branding?

Now let me start discussing the points firstly it shows your IDENTITY because at first sight customers see what is your logo is, with that they decide what is your company sells and logo represent your company or business. Next ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS, nowadays people are learning new things and they are full of curiosity. so, your logo is attractive like colourful neat you can attract new customers. Next UNIQUENESS, my point is if your logo is different from your competitors that will attract customers because your logo is different from others. Its like standing alone like a king not in crowd.

Next point is BRAND LOYALTY customers needs loyalty and trust from you, it can create by not. changing your logo design. If you change the logo its feel like your company has changed. The FIRST IMPRESSION as I said before customers see your logo first and it make impression on potential customers. And ITS MEMORABLE, if you make your logo neat and colourful it makes catchy to your potential customers. Next it makes words, corporate fonts and professionalism. Last point, SPREAD ACROSS WORLD as your business grows you also to spread your brand worldwide in this case you can use media for your PROFESSIONAL IMAGE as your logo has been designed with effectively it reflects your key worldwide reach. You can take help from these steps to know the value of logo. Okay let’s end this topic with make a logo which reflect your business like a mirror.

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